A group of architects, artists and designers sat down to discuss the topic of immaterial and material constructions of platforms and displays. As this led to many areas of consideration, the graphic designers started to define the order as "chapters". This turned out to cause more confusion than clarity: was the outcome becoming a book?
Effectfully, the definition of the systematic order landed at the spatial term "pillar" and we could continue the session. Later on, when presenting various pillars of findings in an academic environment, it did not take many seconds before pillars were corrected into sections. And so it goes; the chapters, pillars, and sections of this research, are neither printed, nor built, but simply terminology for categorizations by the different involved fields. In the aftermath, this tiny anecdote stands as a handy experience for acknowledging the likelihood of unpredictable misinterpretations across the interdisciplinary field of the display- and platform vocabulary.

This section provides a growing overview of the key terms used throughout display.observer. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you stumble on terms that are missing.

  • A chapter  
  • A pillar  
  • A phase  
  • A layer  
  • A unit  
  • The platform nature  
  • Platform imagination  
  • Infrastructure  
  • Scripts and algorithms  
  • Networks  
  • Graphic design  
  • Parasite tactic  
  • Toolness  
  • Tools  
  • Minor tech / small tech  
  • Open source and free software