Dying plant

90 x 50 x 50 cm 6 pieces
  • Finding plants, rescuing them and sometimes not being able to take care of them. -I don't agree that we have 6 dying plants, some are just in hybernation.
  • 'art spaces are always filled with dying plants'
  • Death for plants is new life for other species, including plants

Shampoo bottle

10 x 20 x 2 cm 1 pieces
  • Purchased for The Ascending Hour event, to wash the bodies in an improvised shower at Fabulous Future studio. The emblem was scrapped off, making the bottle anonimous. The smell is chemical, though chosen bechause it was the less chemical smell available at that particular shop. I remember rinsing foam off my body, hiding behind the blue plastic curtain.
  • Slightly toxic looking green, like a pond with too much algae.
  • avocado shower gel for sunrise washing, cleansing


733 1 pieces
  • Standing in front of the smell stuffed shelf in the shop, the choosing became a tyering process as my knowledge of the magic of smells was limited. Water filled, color changing lamp, was sprying the aromas into the space during the event. Whilst people where lying into a large circular bed, calming aroma mist was surrounding them. Smell as a material found its way into Fabulous Future colective practice from individual practice interest of Naomi. Aromatized water, aroma sprayed into the studio, aroma mist.
  • Hard to find good essence in holland.
  • smells of lavender
  • smells of joy
  • smells of dreams

Silver cushion

30 x 30 x 5 cm / 45 x 45 x 5 cm 5 pieces
  • Arriving into a studio after a longer period of being away I was greeted by numerous silvery foam squares and rectangles. They where everywhere, some in piles and some on a windowsills and even when organized neatly in the backspace, some of them apppeared in a random spots. Material to create a gathering space and to warm up when sitting closely on the ground.
  • Silver is now rubbing off from too many warm butts, wondering if beings have carried any traces with them, silver bits embeded in woven fabrics called clothing.
  • insulation foam
  • reflective cushioned surfaces
  • chocolate bars
  • heavenly space
  • crunchy sounding
  • air bubbles
  • They look more comfortable then they are. But better to sit on them then on the floor.

FaFu towel

35 x 25 cm

Purchased, stripped of labels and one by one remade as Fabulous Future one by restiching the lables. Sometimes what it takes to acchieve a Fabulous look is a good rebranding. Neat and careful work, stiched. Manufatured goods meats the craft.

  • Fabulous Future towel recently spotted in a friends bathroom, fully utlized. - hours and hours tearing off ikea labels and meticulously sewing on fabulous future labels
  • one sent home to family
  • many in the homes of strangers
  • So many of them
  • So fresh and so clean, clean