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Imagine a city. 
Starting with: 

  • the largest regions
    then towns
    and handles

In similar order, the terminology and language of this website unfold. This order presents elements separately but also with an awareness of their connection to one another. 

The website is build of 4 pillars:

  • Protocol
  • Collaboration 
  • Presentation / Pillars / Chapters
  • Sustainability 

Together these come to reflect an experimental working process and vocabulary of misunderstandings. In effect: none of the categories are ever really complete, and neither considered as isolated entities. And as there are no one answers, we intend not to impose anything on you. Hereby we allow you to read this information with a certain amount of distance. Once again, the non-fixed life of this page should be stretched: it is building and developing as we go. This also allows for constant change.

In order to share this, a function of the website allows for tracing all edits and developments. 

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