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Invitation draft (1): 

Email Subject: FFFF#1 Tuesday 31st March, 6-9 pm 

Dear X,

I am writing to you with a dinner invite for the first dinner session hosted in parallel with a year-long research project initiated with the design studio fanfare and the architecture collective Fabulous Future.

As part of this project, we will be hosting a set of dinners for which we carefully invite guests who we believe have an interesting relation to the topics of networks and storytelling to open up a discussion.

Therefore, we would love for you to join us on Tuesday 31st March, 6-9 pm at fanfare. Please confirm if you are able to make it :)     Ffff Invite 1(Two collectives collectively writing a text about how we’ve been collectively working together over the past months. Where to even begin?)

For a year long research project we set out to question and work through systems of display and their relation to power structures. The project works within four areas of interest; protocols, sustainability, collaboration and chapters & pillars. Bridging our disciplines through active listening and dialogue the aim is to develop a platform and strategy towards the display and collective work that is unfixed and responsive, allowing for uncertainty, failure and non-production as valuable aspects of the process and development of the project.  

For this first dinner session, we like to focus on the storytelling of our project. This will happen through the dinner format as well as through the first version of the accompanying website for the project. This begs for some food for thought..: How to collectively write a cohesive introduction to a project made up of so many tangled webs of ideas? How to untangle the mess and create systems of working together? 

Surrounding the collaboration a set of arbitrary rules have been set in place ...

- Nothings must be bought 

- All elements should be adaptable 

- A vocabulary should be inclusive 

- Elements should be responsive 

- Rules may be adjusted 

- how to function without buying anything? 

- and so...rules may be adjusted … 


Fanfare and Fabulous Future