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Collaborative writing workshop conducted in fanfare with Fabulous Future. In order to trigger a steppingstone from which to address imaginative spaces and display settings,  the workshop format followed a freestyling writing method. This process took shape in three stages: for the first part, each participant had brought an object of tangible shape. Without further restrictions, these objects came to form the body of shared references for the writing. Following a restricted time frame each participant produced a section of writing. The second section, built on this writing and further included display drawings of the previous workshop session. This led to a remix of the material reflections of the objects and concepts of the display. The third and last session concluded the workshop by gathering all the pieces of writing into a combined narrative. 


Up high, very high,

Up high, very high, looking downwards at the lands and lines below. A linear river runs directly through the center of the stingray shaped bear, a peculiar shape, split it perfectly in two by this stream of water. Its watery stream cuts through the cultivated lands and steep growing mountains surrounding. Isolated, narrow. Cutting through the stingray’s solid spine and the curious sun basking bear. Upon the river, two objects are on display, gently floating side by side. One golden, one of stone. One oval, one circular and cold. One flat and one engraved. The objects are just about visible from this birds eye view, high, high up, looking downwards at the lands and lines below. What lies beyond the boundaries drawn? 

Zoom in very close, they are suiting just the palm of the hand, two objects, one golden, one of stone, soft like moss and mushroom skin. 

Zoom out whilst staying close, connected, notice the green color, who’s surface proves a surprising softness, notice the golden flat shape. Engraved you find a small self, lines like bright yellow chanterelle sections. Zoom out, bright blue puddle of equality and difference; pine needles birch tree leaf, bits of moss and a golden sphere, held in the hand, feeling organic, feeling close. When touched you find equality in difference. Zooming in, zooming out. Now imagine. 

Imagine one isolated engraved Cantarella was on display

Zoom in the palm of your hand and look at it closer. Cut off the heads

Imagine the hand slightly oval with 3 mushrooms patterns.

From close they hold a green bright blue modest size interrupted small self, dropping down a gridded trunk rather flat and golden. 

You loose the bright yellow, right?

Collaboration, Confrontation, Boundaries.
This region mapped is isolated, revealing a point of narrow or concentrated interest.

I am rearranging this text.
So what I started out with is not any longer.

A river runs through the center,
I wonder what lies beyond

perhaps a power
sleeps through the winter
shifting, somehow bridging

On top of my head, overhead
some look cultivated

a messy algorithm is irrelevant
mekka could be a dropped dinner dish

to bear floating, splitting,
emerge through shifting anew
somehow interrupted