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Collaborative writing workshop conducted in fanfare with Fabulous Future. In order to trigger a steppingstone from which to address imaginative spaces and display settings,  the workshop format followed a freestyling writing method. This process took shape in three stages: for the first part, each participant had brought an object of tangible shape. Without further restrictions, these objects came to form the body of shared references for the writing. Following a restricted time frame each participant produced a section of writing. The second section, built on this writing and further included display drawings of the previous workshop session. This led to a remix of the material reflections of the objects and concepts of the display. The third and last session concluded the workshop by gathering all the pieces of writing into a combined narrative. 


Organic shape filter bubbles. Maze, mesh, mekka

On top of my head, I come to think of networks. Relations. Infrastructures. Collaboration. Confrontation. Organic shape filter bubbles. Maze, mesh, mekka.

It also looks like a bearskin.

Could be a messy algorithm. A dropped dinner dish. Or a scan of a bird.

But that is irrelevant for the purpose.

Continuing from network. Here is an environment, setting or idea. It reflects an abstract pattern, but perhaps also a secret idea. I am rearranging this text. So what I started out with is not any longer in chronology of my thoughts. This is perhaps a power of narratives. Of the drawing. And of the creator who isn’t here. 

Gridded trunk of a mushroom
Imagine a moss and a chantarelle. Zoom in very close.
Then imagine that someone cut off the heads of chantarellas.
Zoom out whilst still staying close.

The gridded trunk of a mushroom is very apparent now. 3 mushroom trunks and some pine needles sprinkled around.
Now imagine, that it is the rain of November, dropping down on your small self.
Leaving absurdly bright blue puddle.
Therefore, as it is so bright, you lose the bright yellow of chantarella for a while.
And for now, you see 3 trunks of chantarella, pine needles, birch tree leaf and some bits off moss, sinking within a bright blue pond.

A river runs through the center
Topographic map, boundaries seem to indicate an emotional state, overhead shape somewhere between a sting ray and a bear. A river runs through the center, splitting the landscape, very linear in trajectory, some spaces look cultivated, like growing lands, some appear steep, indicating a tall mountain. This region mapped is isolated, revealing a point of narrow or concentrated interest, I wonder what lies beyond the boundaries drawn? Sting ray, solid spine, floating flying in the water, smooth in movement; bear- curious creature, loves berries and basking in the sun, born of the mountains, sleeps through the winter to emerge in spring anew. These lines a shifting, somehow bridging the land and the watery natures.

There is 4 bended grec style columns put together to form a loop drawn with a thick black pen. Each of them are numbered with roman numbers from. In the space in the middle made from their formation there is a blue mesh drawn with vertical and horizontal lines. 

In the top right corner of the sheet there are a couple of try out from different crayons and colors. They form small snakes.

Smooth to touch with a rounded top and bottom. One corrugated edge, rougher, almost sharp. Clean, beige with a slight shadow at the indent and one darkened line cutting through the triangular section. Lightweight, quiet. Sits comfortably when held by a hand. 

Pillar into pillar into pillar into pillar. Seemingly no beginning or end aside from the roman numerals from pillar to pillar to pillar to pillar. One, three, four, two. Four, two, one, three. Three, four, two, one. Two, one, three, four. Blackened lines. Circular, inside filled with a gridded sea of blue. Far out on the furthest top, right hand corner, six markings sit.