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Collaborative writing workshop conducted in fanfare with Fabulous Future. In order to trigger a steppingstone from which to address imaginative spaces and display settings,  the workshop format followed a freestyling writing method. This process took shape in three stages: for the first part, each participant had brought an object of tangible shape. Without further restrictions, these objects came to form the body of shared references for the writing. Following a restricted time frame each participant produced a section of writing. The second section, built on this writing and further included display drawings of the previous workshop session. This led to a remix of the material reflections of the objects and concepts of the display. The third and last session concluded the workshop by gathering all the pieces of writing into a combined narrative. 


Like a chocolate watch

Img 2858The object I received looks like a chocolate watch. 

It is composed by an orange/gold/copper color bracelet sticker on a piece of paper. I would think that you could stick it on your harm. It has round shapes, like small boudin with almond holes all along; a little bit like persian/indien style. In the very middle there is a the clock.


From top to bottom FRONTAL:

Img 2858

Pastel colored, shiny, dot covered plastic.
Happy egg person.
Hiragana. ( or Katakana. I do not remember.
Borrador divertido ( Frutas )
Warning: Chokinh Hazards ( small parts not for children under 3 years )
Diso Japan.
0-3 sad face of on a hooked circle.
Yellow banana.
Purple grape.
Orange orange with a green leaf.
Folded plastic bottom.

Sharp edges
Squishy ( is that a word? )

From top to bottom BACK:
no time for this.


Object: One golden, one of stone

Img 2858Two objects are on display

One golden, one of stone. In relation to one another, they take on a nearly similar scale – suiting just within the palm of a hand.

Isolated though there are about as many differences as one could find equalities.

One shape is rather flat and golden. On it is engraved patterns.

When holding in the hand the circle is cold and relatively heavy for its modest size.

The other form is slightly oval and organic. A green colour rules the form only interrupted by strokes of white lines. When touched the surface proofs surprising softness.

Somehow one is tempted to throw it.

Anti stress- color blue

Img 2858Anti stress- color blue, dark glass bottle, cylinder shape with a shitty plastic blue cap. Rays of golden light form a circle. Indigo blue, bits of red to give warming. Oil contained, essential oil, what is an essence of a thing? Essential oil, core squeezed out, concentrated in liquid form. Reflection, reflected image/ light on exposed glass edges. Paper image, color, words rubbed, worn thin, slowly disappearing over time, from warm hands, or wet or both. Anti stress bottle, indigo cap, dusty crown needs cleaning. numbers first one unknown ( 3 or 8) - 730 5890.