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To display is to unfold, to reveal, to remix, to spread out. 

fanfare display, signals of the periphery, 2017

Figure 1. fanfare display design at Signals of the Periphery, Koonstihoone, Tallinn (2014 – 2020) 

The display in itself reflects a system of thoughts. It combines the sections of spatial consideration, visual language, material sensibility, and accessible tools.

One aspect that specifically falls in line with the project of Display on display is the consideration to which we make people navigate space and grasp content. In relation to this optic, the fanfare display system (fig. 1/ note1) was for a moment in focus as a spatial conversation starter.  

Fabulous Future got the measurements and carte balance to react to the display tools of fanfare. On one hand, this resulted in a rendered furniture transformation (fig. 2)

Screen Shot 2020 03 03 At 19.26.22
Figure 2. Fabulous Future rendering of fanfare display, 2020

Fruits, food, playgrounds, and urban paths

In reaction to the display toolbox of fanfare, this led to a collection (fig. 3) of structures questioning the nature of the display. If fruits, food, playgrounds, and urban paths essentially are part of displaying: what is not a display?

Img 3905
Figure 3. Fabulous Future display image collection meeting, 2020


Note 1:
fanfare grew out of a nomadic track of addresses. The circumstances of this planted the seeds of an ongoing research into the spacious element of design representation and ways to navigate narratives. Eventually, the display system became a tool for creating new space and framing stories wherever we went.

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