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Format: A digital workshop during Covid-19

Task one: upload a video of your current workspace

A journey to the office and slow motion walk through studio notes:

the idea is that x is using the entire apartment as an office

from a - b and c which is for non work: 

this is my laptop

this is my livingroom 

this is my sofa

and this is my flatmate 

we play a lot of games

some books

some whiskey

plants, lemon I think 

Theres a stain on the floor, it should be painted

and now we have reached  c:


workspace number 1, 2, and 3 




and the same chair that I move around from different rooms


13 x 1 sec shots of contemplation and workmode


two images:

kootwijk1.jpg where I am now

kootwijk2.jpg ten minutes ago outside


this was yesterday 

a trailer in the forest. 50 minutes drive from Amsterdam. I tried to get an internet connection via my phone. It seems to work.

(sound on)

2018 sean paul 

2019 for the writing 

2020 for precise work