Display on Display is a collective observation, a growing protocol, and a tool to consider the bridge between platforms and displays.
The display system is investigated both as a playful friend for interaction, a guiding instrument for narration, and a manipulative tool for navigation. As such the display is likewise considered as a representative of platforms. Included in this focus are an urgency for transparent structures, process of production, conditions of learning, and silenced infrastructures, but also; ways of collaborating, building connections, distributing knowledge, being inclusive, and sharing findings. This leads to a guiding research question: How are platforms imagined through digital, spatial, and visual practice, and how may hybrid and artistic methods support our understanding of the platform?
When approaching the understanding of displays and platforms from this visual ground, the aim is not to arrive at a new understanding, but rather to address a tangible matter as reflecting ways in which we imagine these creatures to take form.